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Monday, May 17, 2010

Batavia, NY 6/24-6/28


  1. Jerry
    Will pass this on to the people working with me and post it up during the visit to Batavia. This is my first time hosting The Wall, but one of the men working with me has done 13 previously to this one and I feel blessed he is here to help me. Will keep you posted on the visit.

  2. is there a motorcycle escort for the wall when it arrives
    Tom R.

  3. I'll be coming in from Johnson City Tn.and I would like to know if you are having a escort.and If you are where is the escort meeting the Wall.Glenn Cargain CVMA Tn

  4. dear anonymous and glenn, i suspect there will be an escort, though i don't know for sure. here is a contact to call for more info: william r. davis, 585 297 0055. if you are unable to reach "bill", the group leading the charge here is the women's aux. DAV chapter 166


If you would like to upload images, please send them to rollingwiththemovingwall@gmail.com